About us

About us

1. Super Fast

At Swift we like to think that we are providing a faster and easier service than any of the banks could dream of doing.

2. 100% Online

We are 100% online. We don’t tie up our processes in red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy…..that’s how we’re so fast and easy.

3. Know Where You Stand

We know that from time to time you encounter expenses that you haven’t planned for. When that is the case you don’t need to go cap-in-hand to a bank and endure hours waiting in queues, filling out countless pages of forms, only to get your money (if you’re lucky) days and days after applying. We give you the convenience of knowing where you stand in getting a loan, within minutes.

4. Save Time

When you apply online it’s just so hassle-free. Most of our customers also use their mobile devices to apply which makes things so much easier. We know that your time is too valuable to queue and wait around. Time is money!

5. Help You Find A Lender

Our goal is to find you a lender who is willing to take a further look into your loan application and then give you a loan that is suitable for your needs.

6. Approved Business

Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd is proud to have been granted a credit licence by Australia’s financial services regulator, ASIC. We are also a member of AFCA, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, which is  an external dispute resolution body approved by ASIC. We are subject to the national Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and associated codes and regulations.