At Swift Loans we take your security and data privacy very seriously.

We have invested in the latest state-of-the art technology to ensure your information is always protected.

We encrypt all information passed between your browser and our web’s servers at the same level as the world’s biggest banks. We use strong 128-bit encryption with 2048 bit-root and Extended Validation. Extended Validation is the highest class of SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) available.

Always look for the 4 common indicators used globally on the web to indicate top-level security.  At Swift we have them all!

1.     The browser address bar changes to green confirming that the website is using Extended Validation.

2.     The standard HTTP changes to HTTPS (indicates server and browser is secured using SSL).

3.     The padlock symbol is displayed indicating your browser connection to the webserver is secure and encrypted.

4.     The company’s legally incorporated name is displayed in the address bar. Only Extended Validation allows this.

At Swift our website is scanned automatically and daily to detect various threats, including malware. We also perform daily penetration testing of our entire site to prevent any vulnerabilities.

Responsible Lending requirements:

All small amount lenders must comply with ASIC’s responsible lending obligations. We use an external company to form a fully secure connection with your bank. Much like PayPal, we never see your internet banking password and the connection is 100% read only so we can access your last 90 days of bank transactions and allow our latest technology to then get you a speedy decision.

Get conditionally approved in minutes!